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Northgate Hearing Services, Inc. has been helping people hear better since 1988. Having dedicated ourselves to this neighborhood for so long, we are devoted to blending big city technology with small town values such as honesty, integrity and respect. We value each and every relationship with our patients and appreciate the trust and confidence that you place in us. Thank you for giving us that privilege.

You are familiar with the corporate HMO model that frequently places multiple standards and expectations on the services provided by their providers. Our independence frees our professional staff from those demands and agendas, allowing us to attend only to your needs and our responsibility to address those needs.

At Northgate Hearing Services, YOU come first. We are committed to spending as much time as you need to feel comfortable with your treatment plan. We have no allegiances to hearing aid manufacturers nor are we under any pressure to fit you with the "hearing aid of the month".

The investment you make at our office stays in the Seattle area economy. Our two audiologists have a combined 46 years of hearing aid experience. We are most appreciative to the North Seattle medical community for their continuing support and confidence in caring for their patients. We make it a priority to ensure that our hearing services are coordinated with other key members of your healthcare team.

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